Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s message

I am very happy to introduce our NGO “Great India Welfare Foundation” to you. On behalf of my NGO, I welcome you warmly as we are watching closely that millions of children are a big example of child labor in our country.

With such aims and objectives, it was established having strong message of solution for society in terms of betterment of poor’s and downtrodden people who are needy of our attention and deserve our help. Our mission will strengthen poor’s and needy ones in all walks of life. It is non-political and fully charitable trust, helping people who are deprived in our societies and still their dreams of real is a miracle and not looking to be fulfilled like other ones of society. Great India Welfare Foundation has been working for empowerment of economic, cultural and educational development in weaker sections specially in minority dominated areas where still schools are not existing in the large scale.

As a member of society, it’s our responsibility. It is time to change the ongoing environment which is conducive for all. I am sure that with the help of sincere fellows likes of you and as a chairman of GIWF, I promise to make a big difference in our society. Working on education, we planned that no student should drop his education before 10th. because his drop out tendency weakens him for whole life. A labourer man who earns his livelihood on daily basis, before his age of 40 years he does not think but later he becomes weak and his family suffers from too much problems. If with support of our mission, some labourers become skilled and get foreman type jobs or run their own business, I think, it would be a great deal of our NGO. Indian man power is considered very cheap in gulf countries in comparatively with Philippine people as they are very good skilled ones. It is up to us to innovate and educate them to pass a message of skilled laborer programme.

Some Important points we are working for:

  • Children who need better education and healthcare facilities.
  • Women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • Teenagers who are misguided .
  • Consumers who are daily vulnerable victims of bad products.
  • Workers who are cheated out of their wages and denied of legal benefits.
  • Disabled people who are deprived of many opportunities.
  • Communities who are devastated by natural disasters.